Monday, 3 December 2012


...robbed me... Again.

Yes once again, I topped up £15 (worth of one month) and in three days they said I've used it all. Hmm I went to the shop and told them that there must be something wrong, and their answer was that maybe I use it for something  I shouldn't? I would love to know since when using facebook and writing a blog is something "you shouldnt do" with your laptop?

Well vodafone, thanks for your help and good customer service.

Here's reason why I haven't been posting anything for over a week. I Can't add pictures with my ipad,  because I don't know how to do it. (embarrasing?) Anyway now is time to learn and forget my laptop. (i'm not going to touch that thing till there's somebody offering a propa internet without stealin all my money!)

I'll be back to you straight when I learn how to add pictures (etc.) with this thing.

Ps. Thank you t-mobile once again for working exactly 30 days with £15!

xx Leena

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