Thursday, 13 December 2012

Post from Finland

This day I've been waiting for!

At last I received parcel from my mum, inside it was lots of things I've been missing and ofcourse some christmas presents. (hihii! Sadly those presents I can't open before christmas, naturally)

Maybe the best things (after presents from my family) are books my mum have picked for me (including Patricia Corwell, Jo Nesbo, Stepheng King and Cathy Kelly) and my perfect hair treatments. Also I'm really exited to have more chocolates and some propa gingerbreads for christmas. (now missing only the glög!)

Love you mum, you just made my day. Again.

On the last picture you can see my hair miracle treatments. When I told couple of my friends that I tried (month ago) frizz miracle and that I was very pleased with the result they all just said: "really? They work?" yes, they do work, and really well, till now my hair is softer than ever after every shower. I haven't tried the moisturing one yet so I'll come back to you about the results later on.

Ps. Yes I love reading, and I'm warmly recommending to read Jo Nesbo's books as this is now the third one I own. This norwegian writer have really surprised me with his great stories about some cop action.

xx Leena

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