Friday, 21 December 2012

Friends and muffins

Baking day.

I decided to practise my muffin making skills and straight after work I ran to the shop to get some eggs and sugar (other stuff I had allready)

I ended up with sweet chocolate muffins with chocolate hearts from four different chocolates. Yummm. To be fair I'll share the easiest way to make muffins with you guys:

Two eggs, same amount of sugar and flours. (you can use glasses to measure)Whip the eggs and sugar, then add the flours,2 tea spoons of baking powder and any flavors u want use. Mix well.
Here you go, delicious, if u put chocolate hearts in them make sure you dont press it till the bottom and that you cover them well. (otherwise the chocolate will burn)

Anyway as this is not a cooking diary I'll move to the other thing.

Please meet my friend Ambia.

Aww isn't she cute?

Basically why I'm telling you about her is because she got amazing style. She actually loves putting all these different outfits together, and she owns more shoes than anybody I know.

I've actually been planning to bring more of her outfit ideas for you guys in future, and she seems pretty excited about this idea too.

This is just what she wore today, I think she looks amazing and rocks this denim shirt trend the best. (from what I've seen on the streets) also you never goin to see those shoes twice!

From where you can buy her outfit from the top to the bottom:

Hat, new look
Collar tips, ebay
Shirt, vero moda
T-shirt, only
Leggings, pieces
Shoes, new look

xx Leena

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