Friday, 18 October 2013

It's still summer here.

What's up people?

So my first week in Malta is nearly over, and can say it's been really good!

Must say that one of the biggest positive surprises have been how easy everything's been, and even the weather is great even it's late October.

I needed to stay in a hotel only for two nights as I found apartment in Sliema straight away, I got NI number sorted and starting to work on next Monday. Now I'm just looking forward to get my maltese ID so it will be easier to open bank account, and also to receive some discounts on travelling.

I do have problems with my internet connection tho, so updating here's a bit hard, will do my best!

So life's is smiling, we'll see how long it lasts!
Sandals on and out!  (suiteblanco)

xx Leena


  1. Wow! Kakkihan on alkanu mahtavasti :) -Essi

  2. Juu kyllä nä asiat tässä hoituu! New life starting :)

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  4. Ihanaa et sait kaiken kuntoon noin helposti :) onkos ollut hauskaa? viihdytkö töissä? -Oona

    1. Jep! On ollut tosi ihanaa nähdä kaikkia vanhoja tuttuja ja muutenkin ollut tosi kivaa. Töissä mulla on mitä mahtavin työporukka ja kaikki sujuu loistavasti :) kiitos