Sunday, 6 October 2013


(this is been updated day late as I noticed the airport wifi apparently stopped working while publishing it yesterday evening)

Just a super quick update!

I'm still alive even I haven't been updating here for ages. Right now I'm waiting on the airport at the gate 33 to get into the plane, hopefully in time.

So now I'm about to go to London where I stay for a week, after this I got flight to Malta where I'm ment to start from fresh.

I'll do my best to update you a bit more often, but there's been going on so many things that I find it hard to actually sit down and write. To get more often updated information of my goings follow me on instagram @leenajvp.

Cu in London!

Ps. I'm thinking to stop writing the translations in finnish, if you're aganst it, let me know so I'll start them again!

xx Leena

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