Friday, 23 November 2012

How's London

Long time again. As you might guess I'm back home London middle off no internet

I've been so busy from work that I haven't been even able to give a thought for my sofa. Well anyways now I'm having my lovely days off and decided to come to update you before I get something else to do. (I want to go buy candels!)

Still about Finland, I came back on last wednesday and the last night I spent in Helsinki Was pretty amazing  as my girl managed to get us to stay in hotel! Ahhh I love hotels, especially when it's high quality place in the central. Even better, room she got for us was junior suite in Crowne plaza!  We had nice night out and even better morning when we enjoyed big breakfast and after that we took some good baths. I love luxury life and the feeling when you can just relax on the hotel bed wrapped into hotel's rope and enjoying the time you don't have to do nothing. Oh take me back there! Now I keep talking about hotel weekends to my boyfriend, christmas present?

Sadly that day we still had to get up sign off the room, get some propa big filling meal and get ready for the long travelling day. (I still hate flying! Can I just walk?)

Ok guys that's actually all what happened after my last post. Every day after coming home I've been working working working and one day I worked with the boy band Blue! (Which actually was pretty cool "hihi") Ofcourse I had to gather all my girls for a group picture with the boys!

Have good time guys cu soon!

xx leena