Sunday, 4 November 2012

First weekend

Ooooohhh I'm sooo tierd! Can't wait to get to the bed!

It's been really busy first days here, especially because of my surprise I had for my boyfriend who's propa city guy. I was ment to give him some new experience, and after all this was a big succes! Let me tell you guys about my surprise weekend:

First on Friday we went to visit my big sister and her family, this wasn't anything so different but good start for a holiday. My sister cooked this awesome dinner with lasagne and pannakotta as a dessert. (yummmm) On Saturday was the real surprise day as we went with my parents to our summer house, which is middle of nothing on small island in Velkua.

Soo good time, our day went something like this (Very short version):
First small lunch with rye bread (to make you strong!) and then we headed to the forest with our dogs. After hour of walking and climbing around (and eating some berries we found hehe) we got back to the house where we tried some fishing (No succes). When sun started to go down we put up a small fire and made Sami to find some sticks from the forest which we used for cooking the food. Couple of hours just sitting near the water watching the sun going down and listening the silence. (and eating some marshmallows) Just try give me any better way to relax? 

Sadly here was no snow which I was really hoping for but what ever, weather was awesome and we all really enjoyed the day.

We finished the day on these feelings, when the dark came we drove back home where we had good hot sauna and after that my mom made some pancakes with lots of strawberries and cream.

Honestly how good the silence and peace felt when you coming from London? You cant even explain.

As everything is funnier in pictures, here you go, our Saturday:

 Fact is that in the forest you don't think about taking that many pictures so these are the best shots I got. Cu soon!

xx Leena

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