Friday, 2 November 2012

Holiday time

Yayy at last I got my earned two weeks holiday!

Again I'm in Finland but this time with my boyfriend. I got some good plans to make him enjoy finnish "traditions" , hehe! ( it's he's third time in this cold country) I'll come back to you about my surprise later on!

Also I wanted to apologise once again, I haven't had any internet for last couple weeks, actually last week I was really uppset about this as my friend had some crazy bday party and I wanted to write about that weekend. ( bowling, eating, dancing and free drinks!)

Anyway! We are in the train now on our way to Turku (see my parents)

I'll let you know how my holiday is getting on!

Ps. How kool is that norwegian airlines has free wifi? I've never been chilling in gacefook when I'm on the plane! Kool!

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