Thursday, 8 November 2012


I had some new experiences again, which is pretty kool as I have been living all my life around here.

My company was great aswell, I spent all evening with Roosa, (Yes the girl from Malta!) as we are both here having holiday on the same time. (Again)

So heres one good way to spend your evening in Turku:
We started from Klubi which is more or less place for small bands/artists to show their skills. Last night we enjoyed the performance of three hip hop and reggae styled groups. Actually there was those two new skills that really surprised me, I've always been little bit stand back about finnish "rappers" going on with english, but these guys really proved their skills. They had some real passion and different style next to the other finnish artists I've heard. Big thanks for them, loved it. (If you interested check for Ill Division, sadly they don't have page in youtube, and in myspace they haven't finished their page yet. But I wish good luck for Dizi and her brother, keep it up!) Other groups were more "traditional" finnish reggae groups, they put up a great shows as well! Go Finland!

After this we ended up to our traditional pub El Gringo, which is the only must go place in Turku I would point out for any travellers. (If you love laid back reggae and old hip hop ..aand some random stuff) From here we headed to go around different clubs and really enjoyed our time till the end. Thanks Roosa!

Best thing was that once again I met some of my friends from years behind and so I spent lots of time talking about our past, what a way to spend your wednesday. Thanks for all my old friends who still remember me, I'll never forget you guys either!

Ps. Sad fact is that there's no any (ANY) good clubs to go in Turku these days, so if you feel like going out for propa clubbing  in Finland, I would change the place. (Sorry all my Turku lovers!)

xx Leena