Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Norwegian new year

So, now it's 2013. Funny right?

I had such a nice new year thanks for our norwegian hosts. They have this amazing place in Shoreditch where we stayed all evening, drinking, dancing and just enjoying the company. (everybody were skandinavian, or around from there, excluding couple french, my boyfriend and one australian.)

Everybody had a change to enjoy some pizzas or norwegian food (made by hosts) and drink lots of sweet drinks. By 00:00 we all ran to the rooftop and popped the champange. We all watched these fireworks coming from the roof next to us. They might not be great like next to Big Ben, but great enough to make this new year something you never forget.

So thank you Malin and Erling, Waiting for your next parties!

Ps. I'm wearing my first denim shirt (only) ever haha, made it look like mine with this big silver necklace. (friis&company)

xx Leena

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