Thursday, 20 September 2012


Diamonds are the girls best friend. If you can't have some crystals do fine.

Every morning (at least every second) I'm leaving my nose prints on swarowski's window near my work. (you know what I mean by that!) I'm like magpie, loving evrything shiny.I never brought anything from there before, but couple weeks ago I got this cute (cute!) bracelet.

I think it's the shiniest thing in my jewellery box right now, and I wear it everyday even tho lots of people would say it's just for some kind of ocassions. What I say is that with that money I spent for it -it should be worn everysingle day till the will drop off! (And if that happens in next couple years I'm going to get a new one as these pretty crystals do have insurance included on the price! Heh!)

Every girl deserves her diamonds (or crystals) As they say "You are worth it!"

xx Leena

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