Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Back in he business.

It's been long long time since I had my last T-shirt painting project. Couple months ago one of my colleagues came up with an idea of a top he would like to have. He saw couple of my works before, so he asked if I would like to desing it for him. Inspiration for the shirt was to do my own desing of the basic RUN DMC shirt, I had clear idea straight away as I actually did one top for myself with the same idea couple years ago.

I loved the whole thing, and I got the paints during the next week. ( I was so excited to paint again!) After a while he brought me plain black T-shirt to paint on, and last month at last I took some time to finish my work.(I'm always too busy to sit down...) I hope he likes it and thinks it was worth of waiting.

So here it is, new owner of my desing. He's now the fift person having top painted by me. (Haha) Just to explain, on the back is my hmmm so called signature. (Which I started to use after I got it tattooed behind my ear)

Ps. I love RUN DMC and while painting this tee I played their CD over and over again for those couple days. Haha I love adidas too!



  1. I'll give ya a shirt when we meet up in Finland and u will finally do one for me also, deal?

    1. Yeah of why not! But when ou would bring me the shirt I'll still do it in London and post it to you to Malta. Deal! You've some kool idea for it?

  2. Yah, thats what i was thinking. I want sth like your Royce tshirt style, so so face on it if possible... :)