Friday, 14 September 2012


Once again about my expencive dreams.

During this month I've been running after perfect winter coat, I even bought one (actually my mum did during my last visit in Finland, thx mum xx) But it's still not the perfect one I'm looking for, hehe..

I'm getting biggest inspirations for a coat from Burberry. As every winter they got the whole collection of the most amazing outerwear you can just dream about. (Yes, just dream, mostly because of the prices hah)
Here's small example for you about a real dream coat.

Anyway my dream jacket for this winter would be oversized quite masculin coat, I found really pretty ones in Mango. Those ones were like oversized thick blazers (Actually I'm talking about this one right now). Also important thing would be some massive buttoms on the front (maybe gold ones to bring the military look?) and the most important point would be that the jacket matches my leather gloves! (haha!) Also I could  bring up again the jacket from Hermés I did put a picture of couple weeks ago. (Look flowers for winter)

I know any of those coats I pointed out are not exaclty what I just described, and that's the reason I'm still looking. (Am I just too specific?)

Anyway I'll let you know when I've found my dream jacket -with a good price.Cu!

Original picture is Burberry add in Vogue from couple months ago.
xx Leena

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