Friday, 11 May 2012


You never had this collecting thing going on?
What I mean is that when you find some new nice brand you never tried, and then you go a bit over the top by trying all their products?

About month ago (less or more) I tried this lipstain from Stila, it's literally the best 'lipstick' I never had, so here we go again-I just got to try more!

These lipstains are still my favourite products from Stila as they stay perfectly over the whole day. I'm just warning you -don't try it on your hand, or you going to have red mark on side of your thumb for the rest of the week. (I did it) They've just made my life easier as I know that there's no need to add lipstick every five minutes.(Even after shower you can notice nice pink on your lips! (Tried it!) My favourites colours are berry red and peach. Notice that lighter colours obiviously don't look that bright for all day.

Next thing I bought from Stila is this correcteur. Biggest reason I wanted to buy it is because of that goofy look. That green colour on it removes the redness of your skin, which is really good for me. (As I have nice apple cheeks) Last thing I've tried from Stila are these lip and cheek creams (Never tried them on my cheecks tho...)  On them I love the colours they have, for example I got this cool orange cream which looks awesome mixed with your natural pink colour of your lips! I also love this light pink colour I bought few days ago.

So what I'll tell you about Stila;
Totally would tell you to try them if you like good quality make up and big selection of colours. Only bad thing I can say about them is their quite high prices, but same time I think they are worth it. Just go and try them!

So now I'm looking forward to find next new product to try!

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