Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Back in London

I could say that I had pretty interesting holiday. We went out a lot, we were hanging with lots of finnish people (Roosa's colleagues), we ment to go to the beach but never did. I brought the bad weather from London, as it was lovely  but pretty windy, anyway I don't mind.

Malta is a place where you can fit in lots of things (Even its tiny island) there was lots of laughing, bit of crying and too much drinking. I really enjoyed my time by relaxing at the balcony drinking some coffee (or Cisk) as Roosa has really nice penthouse in Msida. I enjoyed the balcony even when there was those weird old men staring 24/7, good  thing was that you can always sit down and hide! It was so lovely to go once again to Paceville, St Julians and see all those friends I've known for years and they're still living there and enjoying the Island. I don't know if I could stay there for years as they do. (Even Roosa tought to move out as she get bit sick of the no own space feeling but now she changed her mind, YAYY that means I can go there again any time!)

So I really enjoyes my holiday and would love to stay for longer (Every single time I feel like crying when I leave Malta, even when I stayed for two months) Then the very sad thing is that some ******** stole my camera! So basicly I don't have any of the nice pictures we took on the frst days. Smh... Now I'm waiting Roosa to get alll the pictures from her camera and send them to me, so this means I can't publish them for couple of days.(But this one where we drink coffee from the Moomin cups!)

So now I've to run to work, even I'm dead tierd of all that travelling again... But after two weeks (about) I'm going to Finland! And what's even funnier Roosa is going to visit her family on the same time so I don't have to miss her for long! By the ways she writes blog as well, she's telling you hows life in mediterranean. (In finnish) If you intrested have a look here: Välimerellä

Shortly: My holiday included partying in Paceville, chilling and shopping in Sliema, and living in Msida. Was great to see how normal life in Malta really is!
So Thank you Roosa, and thanks everybody else who made my holiday great once again, Miss you all xoxo

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