Saturday, 28 April 2012

Love Orange

I've always loved orange (as in Finland I even painted my room with that colour) but now it's the first time I've been wearing it too.I have been lately looking for anything with orange on it, I mean anything! Shoes, make up, bags, jewellery, clothes, scarves...

I actually even know from where all this started - from bright orange Jimmy Choo clutch, which I saw ages ago in Sloane street. (No I didn't buy it, I was just looking how gorgeus it was, you can look by yourself here.) Since then I've been looking for everything that could match with it (And no I'm not even going to buy it, actually I think it's sold out from everywhere in London..)

Anyway, then one day I got my hands on this catalogue from Aspinal Of London, and I noticed this cute orange bag - Next I saw in my head myself walking with it on the beach, and this is because I'm going for holidays soon. (To Malta after 3 weeks!) So all this leaded to that I went to Brook street to their store and asked for this bag, aand there it was, perfect summer bag, great for time to relax, beach, picnics or just for chilling at the park.

Ofcourse I got allready something to go with it! Nail polish (Models Own), lip liner (Pixi), lip cream (Stila), and lip stain (Stila)! Before I actually just used those make up colours to cheer my day up. -Yes it's working, you can't feel sad when your nails are screaming orange! Now I just have to find some cool orange accesories -and I'm ready for summer!

I'm going back to dream my orange dreams, and you guys -Have bright day!

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