Thursday, 5 April 2012


Honestly, my skin feels better than it's ever been!

While ago I decided to be not caring about the price and find myself a perfect foundation. (Just because I never had one, I always go for cheap one and after one week I notice it's either wrong colour or for different skin.) So now I got it, after while of thinking I ended up buying foundation and pouder from Lancome. I got lady to try it on my skin and she found the best colour for me, and what the best thing - by buying these two products I got free gift yayy! There was cleanising milk, two lotions, correcteur (or how you call it) and two wrinkle lotions (which i gave for my mom). I love gifts!

After using these products I see and feel the difference. (Even once I went to my boyfriend like "hey smell how good my skin smells!" he just laughed at me)

So if you feel like you having any proplems with your skin or finding good foundation I'll tell you straight to go and ask for free tester (That's what I did, it lasts about two weeks, wich should be enough time to decide!)


  1. Need to try it! Sounds really good!!

    1. Haha yep! U ve to! Let me know thenif u noticed the difference!