Monday, 8 October 2012

Hyde Park

Having a picnic even the weather is getting colder and it's raining nearly every day.

Well yesterday weather was still lovely, "fresh" my boyfriend says, but I call it cold. Good reasong to test my new jacket? Yess I'm in!

Hyde park looks gorgeus with all leaves starting to get orange color on them, lots of people sitting (freezing!) under the trees having romantic meals, wrapped in blankets. It's such a nice feeling when you just be and follow dogs running around chasing all those squirrels and pigeons, and you can just relax your mind and listen the nature -You can forget that you middle of London.

Well we must have our ways to enjoy those rare days we have without rain inhere, and what could be better way than this? (At least when it includes feeding squirrels!? Cute!)

Ps. What I'm wearing, jacket: mango, scarf: gucci, jeans: vero moda, shoes: kurt geiger, leather gloves: top shop and my favourite clutch bag: jimmy choo

xx Leena

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