Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Flowers for winter.

I believe everybody are starting to look for winter jackets, shoes, scarves and... eveyrthing.

I've been lookin after good ideas for winter outfits, and I can say I love all of these prints and colors comin up for this season. I was surprised while reading from last months Vogue that flower prints would be staying over the winter, aswell as purple and bright colored prints. My no.1 favourite for this winter is Pradas collection. Ohh I love those 3D look a like print things they're bringing up! (I won't never wear them tho, as I feel most comfortable with black and other dark colors, boooriing.)

Anyways I cant wait to find some lovely oversized jacket with big gold buttoms, or other military styled coat. Also I'm totally in love with this huge jacket with high high boots look. Kurt Geiger is bringing some lovely leather boots with good prices in few next weeks, we'll see if London is going to offer some propa snow for this winter aswell. (Last year here was snowing for couple days and that time I was in Finland swimming in snow.)

More or less I think this winter we are going to see some great styles on the streets, can't wait. First time in my life I don't even really mind that summer is ending soon, as here in London we don't know what summer is. (It's raining anyway, was it spring, summer or winter.)

Right now, I gotta run to bed, early morning tomorrow!
Cu x
All pictures from Vogue August-September. Designers from up left, shoes; Kurt Geiger Orange flowers; Burberry porsum Jacket; Hermes, lovely print; Prada, Jacket; Louis Vuitton Red dress; MQueen, Blue flowers; Emporio Armani, Orange Jacket&pants; Miu Miu and then more from Prada.
Ps. I heard rumor from my friend that Finland might be getting the first snow next week, can that be true? Hope not as I was planning to go and visit our summer house in start of September. Hmmm we'll see what's going to happen with that!

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