Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympic update

Yess at last I had money to top up my internet, so yess I'm back!

So as everybody knows (I hope you do?) Olympics are goin on in London. And how lucky am I when Stradford (And Olympic park) is close to my home, Ohh irony. Ok I'm lucky that I'm not workin in Westfield shopping centre next to the park, as that would mean long long bus trips every day (even it's just 'couple' miles away). Fact is that Oxford street is not as busy as everybody were talking it would be, but still those womens marathons (and cyckling, and...) are making delays for buses and tubes are just packed. Ohh how I love Olympics, I prefer just staying home and watch those fit running guys from tv. (Even tho I heard from people working in Westfield that they're spotting those tall basketball guys, boxers, Beckhams etc. athletics.. Wouldn't be that bad either?)

I'm not saying that I'm not into sports, but still most interesting thing I've noticed during Olympics are those awesome windows shops are putting on with sport themes. For some reason I'm pretty surprised that H&M is the one whos rocking their windows the best tho. I'm just saying that they're pretty cool. Anyway hope you guys enjoy the Olympic time as much I do, I'm going back to buy sofa watching gymnastics and runners. (Even I think the channel might be changing after a while back to VIVA for fresh prince of Bel Air...)
H&M's on Oxford street and Regent street-

 Ps.I'm cheering as well for Olympics (While I'm sleeping) see my cute shorts and tee! heeeeh

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