Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New flat!

Last few days me and my boyfriend have been moving to our first own flat! (...And I was also ment to tell about this few days ago, but there have been some proplmens with internet connections...) Till now we have been living in a shared house so now at last getting some own space means a lot! We have been working so hard and after two days all the moving was basicly done. Notice that we decided to carry everything from the old place by ourself with luggage, boxes etc. (Basicly because we moved just few streets away, and believe that we saved lots Of money! That money we can spend now for all the useless decorating stuff!)
I love Ikea, but to be honest that clock haven't been workin at all, anyway it still looks cute!

Once again I've proved how great place Ikea is, we have been running back and forward in Tottenham for it. We spent one whole day with building selves and tables hehe (Whole three piece of them!).Good news is that we don't have to buy all the furniture beacuse the flat was refurbished, so we have allready sofa, closet, bed etc. Other cheap place for us have been Argos, from there we got all electronics.(And some other things)

Anyway like I said everything starts to get ready now and I'm feeling great! And guess what, there's small florist shop on nextdoor, that's something I've been dreaming about!I got my own mother in law tongue from there on the first day! Hehe.

Ps. When it comes to decorating the flat you can see that I'm also loyal fan of Marimekko!
This is again why Ikea is great, table and the side stands together about £60. And ofcourse my cute mother in law tongue from nextdoor florist £6! Ohh and the TV is going to be there when we get one..
Sofa and the small table were already in the flat, and I don't even thinking to change them! hehe
And my loved ones get out from the box at last! Marimekko towels from my mom as christmas present!
 ... I'm not going to post any pictures of the bedroom because its till now such a mess. *grhm let's just say that I have small proplems to place my clothes.


  1. Kivoi kuvii :) vaikuttaa upeelt asunnolt!

  2. Hehee kiitos, hieno on mut älyttömän pieni yksiöks, tarpeeks tosin huoneessa asuneelle ;D

  3. nii joo haha kyl te pärjäätte ! :)

  4. Tosi kivoja sisustus kuvia. Oot kuulemnma onnistunut sisustamaan paljon, vaikka kämppä onkin pieni. :)

    1. P.S. toi lamppu on vaan niin paras. :D

  5. Joo onhan sitä tullu väsättyy :D ja jep mun uniikki lamppu!

  6. Looks amazing - looove the towels!!