Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year!

New year here was crazy - not for me tho. Our plans went down from the first step but still I enjoyed it. What we did was try to catch some from the big fireworks near Big Ben, but what we got was Trafalgar square and big screen of the fireworks. Sounds good? Year changed and we standing with thousands of people staring the screen, listening loud music coming from the stereos and everytime being so impressed when there showed a lil bit of fcolours behind buildings. Next year i want to see from closer how London Eye is on fire!

But being straight still when time changed to 00:00 it felt like magical moment- people yelling, clapping and screaming around us.

Way back from the square wasn't that nice. All those thousands and thousands people trying to get out from the small way polices kept open. Hope you had nice new year, and let's hope 2012 (oh that's hard to write, takes again ages toi learn it!) gonna be good year and have a bit less tragedys than 2011.

Let's hope that new year is going to bring me a new camera!!


  1. Näätkö mut nyt lukijana? :) Ja hyvää uutta vuotta btw! :D t. Oona N ;>