Sunday, 12 February 2012

Back to the big city

I spent my last week in Finland on holiday – which I really needed! I love travelling just as much as I hate flying, uhh people are ment to stay on the ground not fly with birds! (Still I have been flying in a year about 10 times from place to other..)

It was great way to runaway from the busy city life for a while. Ofcourse it was also nice to see all my family and old friends again. (And my dog Hessu which is the best dog in the world!)

Last Tuesday was time to fly back to England, to be honest I didn’t feel like leaving Finland again, I still had so much things to do and friends to see. I felt like I just want to hide under my bed and stay there. 

Anyway when I was in the plane - over London- I noticed how much I miss it. I don’t really know anything more beautiful than London from the night sky. (Also I think we can blame people living here if some day there is no electricity left in Europe.) That moment over the London I just thought "That’s my city and I’m glad to be back” -well that was before we started landing when I started to think about my last words for my loved ones. (As evrytime)

Now I'm back to work and planning for my next holidays!
Greetings from Finland!:

Yep, it was -30 degrees in some cities!
ps. Sadly I couldn't take any pictures of london from the sky - as we all know you're not allowed to use any cameras (..etc.) while landing! haha

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